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A diverse group of immigrant justice leaders participated in the Immigrant Movement Visioning Process to build and strengthen relationships and trust, have courageous conversations, learn together, and emerge with a long-term vision statement articulating what we long for in our shared future and the values we believe are necessary to achieve our ‘North Star.’

Our Vision: Five Freedoms

All people have inherent dignity and value. Everyone should be able to live in safe and healthyconditions, protected equally under the law. Every human being deserves to embrace theircomplex histories and backgrounds, to dream, love, imagine, and achieve peace and liberation.We believe that migration policies must be grounded in racial, economic, and gender equityand justice.

Freedom to Thrive

​All people should have equal agency to make decisions about theirlife, relationships, community, and future.

Freedom to Stay

​All people have the right to stay and belong in the place they call home.

Freedom to Move

All people should have the freedom to move equitably and be welcomed.

Freedom to Work

All people deserve the right to safe, fulfilling, and dignified work

Freedom to Transform

All people have inherent value and deserve to be treated as whole persons

Core Values

Throughout the ​Immigrant Movement Visioning Process​, we recognized that dreaming our long-term vision is only the beginning of the journey. Equally important is a transformation of our movement for immigrant justice. We developed a core set of values that we are committing to in order to embody the changes we want to see in society. Living these values is not passive; it requires intention, practice, reflection, and courage.






Trust & Respect




Leaderful Movement That Centers Directly Impacted People


Courage, Creativity, and Discipline


Global Awareness and Engagement

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We are excited to update you on the results of the Immigrant Movement Visioning Process (IMVP), a process that articulated a collective long-term vision for immigrant justice in this country – and we want to acknowledge that this effort was completed before the onset of the COVID-19. This crisis, which is disproportionately impacting Indigenous, Black, Brown, and immigrant communities, has already dramatically shifted our world and that will continue to mean significant, material changes in all of our lives.
Though we did not anticipate a global pandemic while writing our Vision and Values Statement, the importance and relevance of what we share here remains the same. The pandemic has only further exposed the urgent need for our vision, where all people – regardless of immigration status – are able to live a life of freedom, dignity, safety, and belonging.
We hope these documents will be used as living documents that will continue to unfold with the changing conditions including COVID-19. We look forward to seeing how our work may be used by the broader movement to respond and build together.