Our Vision

Five Freedoms

All people have inherent dignity and value. Everyone should be able to live in safe and healthy conditions, protected equally under the law. Every human being deserves to embrace their complex histories and backgrounds, to dream, love, imagine, and achieve peace and liberation. We believe that migration policies must be grounded in racial, economic, and gender equity and justice.  We fight and demand the:

Freedom to Thrive

All people should have equal agency to make decisions about their life, relationships, community, and future. We envision every person as a full participant in a true democracy, with power and a voice to help shape opportunities for their chosen communities and drive change. Thriving requires effectively leveraging the resources and support that leads to collective abundance, including access to education and health care. Our ability to fulfill our human potential is directly tied to the well-being of others; people thrive when in community and surrounded by their loved ones. Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams, engage in quality and fulfilling work, and live with joy, dignity, and love, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, class, caste, religion, and ability.

Freedom to Stay

All people have the right to stay and belong in the place they call home. People across the globe have a fundamental human right to economic security and physical safety, political and religious freedom, and racial and gender equity. People deserve the freedom to live without fear regardless of whom they love or how they identify. People have a fundamental human right to clean, healthy, and adequate air, water, land, food, education, and shelter. We believe in a connected global community with shared responsibility to each other and to our planet. We imagine a world that honors people’s profound connection to their land, and where families and individuals can provide for their loved ones regardless of place of birth.

Freedom to Move

All people should have the freedom to move equitably and be welcomed. Immigration should be a safe and empowering choice that is available to all, rather than an act of desperation, and this principle should be reflected in any set of immigration laws and policies. Migration and return are a natural part of the human experience. People move across towns and cities, across countries, across oceans and continents every day. People move to be free, to seek protection and be safe, to work and eat, to explore, for love, joy, faith, and to realize their full potential.

Freedom to Work

All people deserve the right to safe, fulfilling, and dignified work. Workers deserve the right to organize to improve the quality of their lives and working conditions, including an income that allows them to flourish. People migrating for work must have the right to work with freedom, mobility, and dignity. When all workers enjoy civil, labor, and human rights, migrant workers and workers in their receiving communities are equals and have the opportunity to improve wages, conditions, and opportunities for all workers together.

Freedom to Transform

All people have inherent value and deserve to be treated as whole persons. People also make mistakes, sometimes causing harm. Healing for those who experience harm and cause harm is essential to our collective liberation. We believe in a future where people are held accountable for their actions and are able to redeem themselves. Everyone deserves the right to heal and grow beyond their trauma.

We lead with full acknowledgement of the beauty and flaws of people, and commitment to community and governance that is grounded in restorative and transformative justice. In recognition and remembrance of our collective histories, we aspire toward—and invite you to join us in building—a beloved community that includes equitable economic and political opportunity and a social contract rooted in our shared humanity.

The full Vision and Values Statement can be downloaded here (PDF).

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